5 tips for garden maintenance in March

5 tips for garden maintenance in March

March is the month to go back into the garden and arguably the best time of year to start a small outdoor home improvement project such as installing new fencing. As a result, you may want to see what kind of fencing is currently available at illinoisfencecompany.com. The sun starts to shine more often and longer, the first trees and plants start to bloom again. In short, time to prepare the garden for a new outdoor season. Do you want to give your garden a completely new look? Then gardener company Ed Bijker can certainly help. If we now get started with your landscaping you can enjoy your new garden as soon as the nice weather really starts. Are you satisfied with your garden, but do you need to prepare it for spring again? Then start by giving your garden a fresh look. How about creating a circular paving in your outdoor space? It could make a statement in your garden! If you are interested in learning more about paving solutions for your garden, you might want to visit web shops like Stone House (you could browse them here). Remember that maintaining garden at regular intervals could help in the long run. Additionally, it could ensure that your outdoor space is at good health. Not to forget that by maintaining your garden properly, you could save tons of extra charges. So, here is our 5 tips for garden upkeeping from bumpercroptimes.com in March!

Tip 1: the lawn

With a special scarifier, you can rake moss, dead grass and mowing residues from the grass. This allows the grass to breathe again and this creates space for further growth. It is also good to aerate the grass with a special machine. The glass is thoroughly thinned so that new healthy grass can grow again. After scarifying, sprinkle with manure to promote growth.

Tip 2: pruning

Now it’s time to prune back the climbing roses. Prune the side branches back considerably, but keep the main branches intact. You can only prune it if you want to rejuvenate the ivy. Pollard willows can be pruned back until mid-March and it is now also time to cut dry parts of the permanent plants. If you cut the cut parts small you can just leave them. This is self-digesting.

Tip 3: the pond

Nets against falling leaves may be removed in March. Check the water pump and filters. Is everything still working properly? You can now also remove the remains of aquatic plants and remove dirt from the soil. Are there fish in the pond? It is good to check them for symptoms after the winter. The condition of the fish deteriorates in the winter. As soon as the water reaches a temperature of 10 C, you can carefully feed the fish again.

Tip 4: planting

Taking care of the plants is of course also an important part of garden maintenance in March. Are you planning to move a hedge? Or do you want to place a tree in a different place in the garden? You can always call in people to help you if this might come as a problem, as tree removal is a big project, especially if the tree is large. Anyway, March is the month to do this. In addition, it is smart to protect the plant beds with nets. The germinating seeds and the young leaves of the plants are loved by different species of birds.

Tip 5: the terrace

Sweep the street and spray it clean if necessary. Is your patio furniture inside? Then you can probably put it back on your terrace. If you don’t already own outdoor furniture, you may want to look to buy patio furniture as it can make your outside space more inviting and you will be more inclined to make use of it. If all goes well, you have of course put it inside clean and possibly painted. Haven’t done this yet? Then of course you can still do that now. If your furniture is back on its own, you can enjoy it outside on a beautiful spring day!

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