Inspiration and many ideas to put a Jacuzzi in your garden

Inspiration and many ideas to put a Jacuzzi in your garden

We associate them with luxurious houses and gardens, but buying a garden spa is somewhat more affordable since the hot tubs and inflatable pools appeared. I have always dreamed of having a small pool at home. Not necessarily with bubbles, just enough to immerse me and relax in the water. What I would like is to be able to heat the water for use in winter.

But the reality is that I cannot install a hot water pool in my garden, there is no space and I do not have a large budget. The economic question can be overcome by choosing an inflatable spa. I’ve seen them in a mall and they seem interesting. They are not as pretty and apparent as traditional hot tubs, but they are pretty good. Nor do they have multiple jets and jets, it just makes bubbles, but that’s enough for me. It is really enough for me that in winter the water can be heated and, that, they do it very well.

The space issue will be resolved shortly. Right now I could put it on the terrace, but that is not a precisely intimate place. The ideal is to install the jacuzzi in the back garden, and I will take advantage of some changes that I have planned to include a small inflatable spa there. I will share those changes when I have them more advanced. At the moment they are just dreams, and dreaming is something that I love.

If in your dreams you can also enjoy your garden to the fullest, surely these photos with outdoor hot tubs will be very inspiring.

And some inflatable spas that, although not as elegant, have a much more affordable price and can also give a lot of fun.

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