Prinning season! What will you need

Prinning season! What will you need

With the autumn, just released, the pruning season is approaching and you have to put the batteries. In this article, I will explain what products you are going to need for pruning and why. So, without further delay … Let’s go there!

Pruning shears

The first of the necessary tools is the hand pruning shears. These scissors are usually the most useful tool because they are very versatile and we will use them for many tasks.

Logically, as it is a tool that is given a lot of use, it is essential that it be of very good quality. Otherwise, you will find that they are currently dull (when not directly broken).

It is likely that on some occasions you bought cheap, cheap scissors; of those that sell in the bazaars, and you have verified this what I am saying, so it is not necessary that I deepen much more.

So which ones do we recommend?

Of all the characteristics of pruning shears, there are two that are fundamental: that the blade is made of high-quality stainless steel (most pruning shears meet this requirement) and that the spring system is good (this is less frequent).

When in doubt, as always, buy pruning shears from a well-known brand, even if it is somewhat more expensive. In gardening, there are brands that are a guarantee of quality and that ensures that the tool lasts over time.

My recommendation is that you get these Gardena pruning shears, which amply meet those two requirements. I have some for almost twenty years. If you want, you can make the purchase from here. Below is the link.

Pruning shears with two hands

The next essential product is the two-handed pruning shears. This is the tool that we will use most when pruning hedges (it is also very useful for pruning fruit trees and mulberry trees).

Choosing between two-handed pruning shears or the chainsaw will depend on how thick the branches are and how hard the wood is. But let’s not get ahead. We’ll talk after the chainsaws.

As for the two-handed pruning shears, we will have to look at the following:

  • Quality blade: That the blade is of good quality (as was the case with one-hand pruning shears). Again, good quality stainless steel blades are the most recommended and the most used, so this should not be a problem.
  • Telescopic handle: On the other hand, you should look for those two-handed pruning shears that are telescopic. In this way, we can more easily access the highest branches. However, you have to be careful: The more extensible it is, the more force you will have to do with your arms because the harder the cut will be. Either that or you choose a pneumatic scissor, which is the next point.
  • Do you need pneumatic pruning shears? : Finally, you can assess if you need pneumatic pruning shears. Most people do not need it, but if you have little strength or are an older person who can no longer handle a chainsaw, this may be a good idea.

For my part, I recommend this manual two-hand pruning shears of the Tabor brand, with a great quality/price ratio:

And this pneumatic extendable pruning shears that allow to cut the thick branches of the fruit trees:


Nor can we forget the chainsaws. This is the tool we will use to cut the thicker branches (and chop them later) of the trees that we are going to prune.

And there are some trees, such as mulberry trees or laurel, which from one year to the next can throw extremely thick branches. So we can’t try to cut them with simple pruning shears.

In this case, we have to opt for chainsaws. When choosing the best chainsaw for us, we must choose between a gasoline chainsaw or an electric chainsaw.

What criteria to follow to choose one or the other? Well, fundamentally, the thickness of the branches that we have to cut, the use that we are going to give it, and the useful life we ​​want it to have.

As for the thickness of the branches: Electric chainsaws may not have enough power to cut thick branches. In this case, you would need a gasoline one. If the branches are not very thick, then you can opt for an electric one without major problems.

Regarding the use that we are going to give it: It is evident that, in the measure that we are going to have to cut many branches, it will be better for us to bet on one of gasoline because it will ensure us a good autonomy. But if the garden is small and we only have a couple of trees to prune, the electric one may be enough.

As for the useful life: With equal quality, the gasoline chainsaw will last longer. This is because batteries always have to lose energy storage capacity and, as the battery loses its storage capacity, they work worse and are used up earlier.

Therefore, as a general rule, I recommend gasoline chainsaws. However, it is your decision to choose between one or the other based on the points mentioned above.

In any case, my recommendation within the gasoline chainsaws is the Green cut model GS6200 20, with a manageable sword size and considerable power.

Crusher of branches and leaves

Finally, and this is more optional, there is the shredder of branches and leaves. Many people do not have this tool, but it seems very useful to me. And I find it more useful the bigger the garden you have.

A branch crusher is a tool that, as its name says, is used to crush the branches and leaves that remain after pruning. This way you can throw them more easily in the trash or, being smarter, add them to your composter.

As with everything else, we can find different powers and abilities. If your goal after shredding the branches and leaves, is to throw them or burn them, you don’t need them to be such small pieces, so you can opt for a smaller one.

However, if you want to compose those remains, you will have to choose a machine that is very powerful and that cuts and crushes in depth.

For me, one of the best branch crushers is the Makita, with great power and simple handling:

As you can see, when it comes to pruning it is important to have good tools. These that we have presented to you are the most necessary and will help you both to achieve good results and to make the work comfortable and simple.

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