Tips for choosing the best lawn mower on the market

Tips for choosing the best lawn mower on the market

To have a beautiful garden it is necessary to have the tools that contribute to the care of this space for recreation and the rest of our home. The freshness that the grass brings is undoubtedly a gift for the senses since it not only refreshes, it also provides us with a surface on which to relax, lie down to rest or play with the children.

But to get a beautiful meadow it is necessary to provide all kinds of care and care for it to stay healthy. Proper watering is essential, as is cutting it every so often with a good lawnmower.

How to choose a lawnmower?

At the time of purchase, some important aspects that influence the choice of the right-hand mower must be taken into account. Depending on the size of the meadow, we will lean towards powerful models of gasoline, which facilitate work on surfaces, large or simple manual machines that are ideal for small surfaces.

Manual mower

The manual lawn mower is simple and easy to use the machine. They work thanks to the manual impulse that is given when pushing it while walking through the garden. They are equipped with two wheels, which when turned actuate a very sharp blade that cuts the grass. They are usually economic models and simple maintenance.

It is worth noting that they are one hundred percent ecological, do not make noise, are resistant and only require that the blades are sharp to do their job well. It is recommended that the cut be made periodically and regularly so that the grass does not grow excessively and the mower can do its job well.


When the surface to be maintained is large, there are motor-driven models that allow for faster work to do so more quickly and comfortably.

Before purchasing a motor mower it is important that you keep in mind some issues:

  • Cutting width
  • The power of the team.
  • Type of engine: gasoline or electric.
  • How the mower moves: by traction or by pushing

How to choose a lawnmower based on the surface you need to cut?

If your garden measures 200 m2 or less, the manual lawn mower is perfect, since the effort is minimal and does not compensate for the acquisition of a very powerful machine. For surfaces between 200 m2 and 600 m2, an electric lawn mower is much more practical.

When the land exceeds 600 m2 you should consider buying a gasoline lawnmower. These machines can be equipped with a propulsion system that prevents the operator from having to push the mower. You just have to guide it through the area to be cut.

As you can see,  choosing the lawnmower you need in your garden is quite easy when you have your needs clear. We hope that these simple tips will help you in your decision.

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