Water games for children to have fun in the garden

Water games for children to have fun in the garden

During the summer, the most fun games for children are all those that are played with water. The pool is the favorite place of most kids, but they also have a blast with other games that do not require constant supervision by an adult. In the home garden, you can have a great time with simple things like balloons or water guns, I remember that my children could spend long entertaining moments by throwing a sponge soaked in water. With water and some imagination, you can find a lot of entertainment.

If you are looking for ideas to entertain your children at home, while mitigating the stifling heat of this time of year, you are interested in reading the post with simple and cheap ideas to entertain children in summer that I wrote long ago. If you are behind a toy to give away or have already tried all the simple games and are looking for something more elaborate, surely you like any of the following:


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