Where to buy autumn bulbs

Where to buy autumn bulbs

Bulbs are a great option for everyone who likes to enjoy the beauty of flowers at home, even without having too much gardening experience. The cultivation of bulbous plants is quite simple since they sprout from underground organs that store nutrients.

Both bulbs and rhizomes, corms and tubers are full of energy in early autumn. This is the ideal season to bury them and wait patiently until spring to see how the plant forms and the first flowers appear.

It is not the first time we talked about them in Garden Guide. The first thing that we must distinguish from them is that there are two groups: those that are planted in autumn and bloom in spring, and those that are planted in spring to bloom in summer. Today we focus on the autumn ones, as the date of having them ready to bury them in the garden is approaching.

The fall bulbs usually appear for sale in garden centers, a few weeks before the planting season. But you have to hurry because some varieties are very popular and disappear quickly. Blue Alliums, for example, have a lot of acceptance and are easily sold. At least in stores where I usually buy.

Buy bulbs online

Luckily, every day there are more producers and nurseries that sell bulbs online. Either on your website or through Amazón, the offer is very wide, and also the possibility of acquiring that specific variety that one looks for and does not find in the physical stores of the environment.

At the end of the post, I have prepared a selection of autumn bulbs that can be found on Amazon. If you want to see it now, go ahead, but then come back because I have more things to tell about my experience with this type of shopping. Which, in general, is good.

When you make a purchase online, the first thing you look for, usually, is in the image of the product (to recognize what you are looking for) and its price. But it is very important to read the description carefully, especially as far as bulbs are concerned, because you will see really cheap and tempting offers.

The bulbs are sold in packages of 1, 2 or several units, depending on the size. Be careful that these units are bulbs and not seeds. The seeds are very cheap, but they take many years to form a bulb capable of blooming. In the description of the seller, which is often in English, you must put bulbs, bulbs or bulbs;  If you specify seeds, it doesn’t matter, unless you’re really looking for seeds.

It is also advisable to read the opinions of other buyers, not only of a specific product but also of the seller or store. For example, Humphreys Garden Ltd (which is one of the vendors of which I include plants on my list) has a 90% positive rating. It also has its own website, but shipping prices are better on Amazon.

I can only add that my online shopping experience is very good. On Amazon, I buy many books, gifts, and even plants. So much, that I decided to become Prime to save on shipping costs. I guess you know what it is, but you can find more information.

And having said all this, then my selection of autumn bulbs. A nice collection that if they are planted during the next season and are taken care of with love, they will bloom in spring.

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